Goodbye 2014!

Happy New Year!

This past year was full of doctor appointments, treatments, nutrition, celebration, changes, loss, and new revelations.

In the beginning of 2014 I found a online program where I was able to get my high school diploma in about a month.

I spent the first half of the year on a gluten, dairy, and soy free diet. I also spent most of year trying to get rid of scar tissue throughout my body, detoxing heavy metals, bacteria, and parasites. I had chronic infections ranging from mild to severe, chronic cranial still points, and exhaustion became even more debilitating. I saw a cranial TMJ specialist, who told me my ligaments and tissues in my jaw were severely damaged, but we able to treat and fix it in about three months.

Towards the end of year I became very sick and started wondering about my realistic long term goals for the future. I took a DNA test to help find more answers about my illness. It gave us a direction about where we are going start in my new nutrition long term plan.

This year has had unexpected highs and lows. My faith has gotten me through so many tough situations, and I continue to rely on God as my health for the future remains unknown. I am ready for the new year!

God is Good!

Happy Holidays!

December 21, the day everything changed!

This past week started out frustrating, painful, and exhausting, so I guess you could say its been a pretty normal week for me. I had my normal chronic symptoms, along with multiple cranial still point episodes that are very painful and debilitating. I was still feeling pretty crummy, but I was able to get all my Christmas shopping done. On Sunday I woke up feeling awful. My cranial bones were completely out of place, I had a cranial still point and my brain and body felt extremely heavy exhausted, but I wanted and needed to go to church, and that when everything started to change! A few minutes into the service I started feeling a little bit better, and my head felt a little less heavy. Throughout the day my exhausted came and went and my pain started to subside a little bit, which is unusual for me. On Sunday at 10:00 that night a miracle happened! I suddenly felt wide awake,and my stomach pain was gone. My back pain was better. My cranial bones felt in place. I no longer had a cranial still point, my head felt lighter, and my mind was completely clear! I haven’t felt that good in at least two and a half in years, maybe longer. Most of the relief lasted for about two hours, and some the pain is still gone! I am now excited for this week to see what lies ahead! I am ready to see whats next. I have faith and I will follow the plan that God has for me!

God is good!

Merry Christmas!

Quick update

This last week has been rough. I have 6 treatments in 7 days. My exhaustion has been worse and I am having problems with my cranial nerves, CSF, cerebellum, and toxic levels of cortisol, along with some other things. I also need my regular adjustments. I am hoping we will be able to come with a plan for this week!

1st post :)

Hi! I decided to start this blog about the ups and downs on this journey living chronically ill. On december 2nd we started on a new supplement treatment plan that will hopefully help my metabolic pathways and methlation cycle. My everyday symptoms have become so severe and complex that my dotoctor has never seen any like me before and he has never done a plan like this before! I still need my everyday adjustments and treatments, but they have become so physically exhausting it has been difficult to find ways to treat my symptoms. This journey has been hard, confusing, and painful, but I keep going. I learned not to take my health for granted, and some days small things such as sitting up or standing are considered a small victory. I don’t stop trying to find more answers, and I will keep working hard everyday to gt better and to feel better. I have faith that we will find the answers we have been looking for.