God is Good!

Happy Holidays!

December 21, the day everything changed!

This past week started out frustrating, painful, and exhausting, so I guess you could say its been a pretty normal week for me. I had my normal chronic symptoms, along with multiple cranial still point episodes that are very painful and debilitating. I was still feeling pretty crummy, but I was able to get all my Christmas shopping done. On Sunday I woke up feeling awful. My cranial bones were completely out of place, I had a cranial still point and my brain and body felt extremely heavy exhausted, but I wanted and needed to go to church, and that when everything started toĀ change! A few minutes into the service I started feeling a little bit better, and my head felt a little less heavy. Throughout the day my exhausted came and went and my pain started to subside a little bit, which is unusual for me. On Sunday at 10:00 that night a miracle happened! I suddenly felt wide awake,and my stomach pain was gone. My backĀ pain was better. My cranial bones felt in place.Ā I no longer had a cranial still point, my head felt lighter, and my mind was completely clear! I haven’t felt that good in at least two and a half in years, maybe longer. Most of the relief lasted for about two hours, and some the pain is still gone!Ā I am now excited for this week to see whatĀ lies ahead! I am ready to see whats next. I have faith and I will follow the plan that God has for me!

God is good!

Merry Christmas!


10 thoughts on “God is Good!

  1. I pray that you have more moments (and hours) like this: feeling the healing that God intends for you. But I also picked up on something else, excitement for the future. May God fill you with joyful anticipation for 2015!

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  2. I too have experienced releif from pain when I am at church or sometimes bible study. Your testimony reminds me that no matter how alone and helpless we feel Jesus is always with us to help bare our burdens and that is more than enough for me. His gift of grace and unconditional love will always be the best christmas present we can receive – Merry Christmas

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  3. Sydney Bollinger says:

    It inspires me so much to hear that you can still have faith in God. I struggle with my own faith sometimes and so I love hearing how people overcome their doubts and can grow closer in their relationship with Him!!

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