Everyday battles!

imageI have been feeling horrible lately. My pain, weakness, and exhaustion have been extremely overwhelming. I have been having a lot of pain in my shoulders, cervical spine, and head. I have to have daily structural and soft tissue work done. My muscles have been extremely tight, and we have been having a hard time getting any kind of relief. My body also goes out of alignment consistently, it is severely painful to even wait twenty four hours for my next appointment. We have also been work on breaking up more scar tissue in my arms, back, shoulders, neck, spine, and the back of my head.

My treatments are only temporary relief, at the most I might get two or three hours of a little relief from some of the pain, sometimes I might only get a few minutes. The treatments have also become extremely exhausting, but for now its the only way I can think of to keep my body from becoming even worse. I have been dealing with these problems for a long time, but my exhaustion has been getting worse over the last few months.bbt4

For bout a year we have done a lot of work to try and help my body. I started with getting rid of bacteria, and inflammation throughout my whole body. Then I started detoxing heavy metals, and parasites. I had more soft tissue work done to help work out fascia throughout my whole body. I also had adhesions in my arms, legs, and stomach.

There is still more work that needs to done.This feels like a never ending process. It has a been rollercoaster ride of highs and lows, and I am determined to be become stronger through all of this!




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