image The past few days I have been feeling awful. Having a cold on top of all my other problems is miserable. It makes me feel even more exhausted. I have more inflammation in my brain and spinal cord. The pain and weakness is awful. I hope we get can everything under control soon!

7 thoughts on “Miserable

  1. Stephanie Wilkins says:

    Heidi, I appreciate your honesty so much as you go through this terrible time. I am praying for you and I know that the Lord will sustain you. Your words are such an encouragement to others who are going through pain. It inspires them to keep on keeping on and it shows that as a Christian our blessings aren’t usually in the form of health, posessions, or wealth. Sometimes our blessings come through tears like that song by Laura Story. Maybe you’ve heard it. If not, you should give it a listen. I think you would like it. The song means that sometimes to feel His presence in our life, we have to go through dark times. Heidi, to feel that he is near and with us, is a true blessing that many cannot say they have experienced. When you get to the top of this mountain, and you will, you will remember the feelings of true comfort, the reassureing truths, and the little miracles he gave you along the way. Hugs to you my sister in Christ.

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