The first three years I was sick I tried to live the most normal life as possible. I went to school, played soccer, I would hang out with my friends on regular basis, and I would just try to schedule my doctor appointments around my schedule. I would have adjustments, see specialists, have differents tests done, try a lot of different type of treatments, and get IV nutrition. As time went on I didn’t get any long term relief, and my body continued to get to worse over time. As it became harder to live a normal life I had to put more time and effort in to getting better and becoming healthier.

Three years ago my health was really poor and I needed treatments regulary. I was no longer able to exercise or go to school so I had to focus on my health. My body was only functioning at about 25 percent. Getting healthy was going to be a long and hard process. We had to begin healing my stomach and intestines. As time went on a few things were slowly  getting better, but a lot of my symptoms continued to get worse. I got more frequent infections, and more inflammation throughout my body. As my illness became more debilitating, I needed daily treatments just to get through the day, I still do. I am glad I have doctors willing and caring to help me, but I wish I didnt have to rely on them so much. I continue to work hard at becoming healthy because the hard work has to pay off sometime, right?

On February 12, I started a on a new mitochondria supplement that I will hopefully see long term results. I still feel like I don’t know a lot about my illness. I learn as I go. I am ready for the step.


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