Romans 8:18

I have been having a lot of stomach pain and exhaustion lately. I hope this week we can come up with a plan and get everything under control.





The first three years I was sick I tried to live the most normal life as possible. I went to school, played soccer, I would hang out with my friends on regular basis, and I would just try to schedule my doctor appointments around my schedule. I would have adjustments, see specialists, have differents tests done, try a lot of different type of treatments, and get IV nutrition. As time went on I didn’t get any long term relief, and my body continued to get to worse over time. As it became harder to live a normal life I had to put more time and effort in to getting better and becoming healthier.

Three years ago my health was really poor and I needed treatments regulary. I was no longer able to exercise or go to school so I had to focus on my health. My body was only functioning at about 25 percent. Getting healthy was going to be a long and hard process. We had to begin healing my stomach and intestines. As time went on a few things were slowly  getting better, but a lot of my symptoms continued to get worse. I got more frequent infections, and more inflammation throughout my body. As my illness became more debilitating, I needed daily treatments just to get through the day, I still do. I am glad I have doctors willing and caring to help me, but I wish I didnt have to rely on them so much. I continue to work hard at becoming healthy because the hard work has to pay off sometime, right?

On February 12, I started a on a new mitochondria supplement that I will hopefully see long term results. I still feel like I don’t know a lot about my illness. I learn as I go. I am ready for the step.

Strength from Struggle

imageWhen I was physically at my weakest is when I became strong. I had to be stronger than I had ever been, and I can’t stop there. Everyday I have my own challenges and struggles. Since I live with chronic pain I want it to push me to be stronger. Do I have another choice?

Blog award


Thank you to – somewhere to vent for nominating me for this award.

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My questions :

Questions for my Nominees:

1 – What are you currently reading?

Jesus Calling and Staying strong

2 – Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I am definitely not a morning person so I guess I am more of night owl sort of.

3 – What made you start your blog in the first place?

Share my story and find others who can relate to it.

4 – Do you have any hobbies other than blogging?

Drawing, Painting, Crochet, Sudoku, Reading

5 – What is your top 5 films and why?

Pitch Perfect – hilarious, and I love the music. The Fault in our Stars – its funny, romantic, heartbreaking, and the book is also amazing. Now you see me – its suspenseful, fun, amazing. Silver linings Playbook – its funny, I love the characters, interesting subject. The Maze Runner – action packed, intense, it had my interest through the whole movie.

6 – What do you value the most in the world?

loyalty, honesty

7 – Are you close with your family?

Yes really close

8 – If you stumbled across a Genie and was granted 3 wishes… what would they be?

To be healthy, be able to travel, and to have an amazing boyfriend lol

9 – What do you hope people will get out of reading your blog?

That you can have hope and faith in tough situations.

10 – What does your favourite night in consist of?

Just Being able to get out of the house without a lot of pain and fatigue.

11 – What is your favourite beverage?

Green tea

Random Facts

1. My guilty pleasure is watching reality tv.

2. My favorite color is blue.

3. Before I started blogging I only really talked about my illness to a few people.

4. I haven’t been outside of Kansas in almost four years.

5. I love listening to music

6. I would rather watch tv shows than movies.

7. When is I was physically at my weakest is where I learned to be my strongest.

8. Soccer is my favorite sport.

9. I have never had surgery.

10. I would love to live by the beach.

11. I have been out the country once, Cancun, Mexico.

Blogs I nominate: – PLUS+ BEAUTY – thehouseofprayers – Chunkie to Cutie – MS & Fabulous – Salted Brownies

My Questions :

1. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

2. Favorite movie?

3. Favorite tv show?

4. Where would your dream vacation be?

5. Hobbies?

6. Favorite book?

7. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Why?

8. What do you want people to get out of reading your blog?

9. What would your dream job be?

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I am dealing with more brain swelling and bacteria. It is extremely painful. I have also been having problems with keeping normal levels of iron in my body. I need to get through this, and pray the swelling goes down soon!image

Small steps!

imageThe past few weeks I have been continuing to have treatment/adjustments almost everyday, and I been having to have a lot soft tissue muscle work done. My muscles have been severely tight. Even after I have treatments my muscle usually tighten back up within a few hours. I’m not sure how else to treat the pain right now. Even though I have been having a lot of pain lately I have been noticing some small improvements in other ways! My exhaustion has not been as quite as bad, and I have been able to sit up and walk around longer at times! This is the first time in months that my exhaustion hasnt been as overwhelming, and it is a relief. Even though the progress  is really slow, but it is definitely a step in the right direction! I am going to stick with the treatments and nutrition plan I am currently on, and continue to search for answers one question at a time.