Chronically Normal


Since I have been sick my health has been consistently gone down hill. I have never had high points.  I am sick everyday, it is hard for me to get around most of the time it has become ‘normal’ for me to have to live this way. My disease has been gradually getting worse, but it also feels like it has gone down really fast. I have to try to deal with my symptoms everyday or they start to get worse really fast, and it causes more problems. Then I wake up the next day and I have to do everything all over again.

I feel like I am unable to get away from my illness. I am dealing with one problem after another, and they never seem to get better.  With every infection or swelling episodes my everyday ‘normal’ becomes worse, and my body never fully recovers. If I can go a couple weeks or a month without having a horrible episode that feels like a relief. I never know really know what to do. I am hoping in a few weeks I will get a few tests sent in and hope we will be able to have a few more answers.



5 thoughts on “Chronically Normal

  1. I feel like my health has just gotten worse & worse since my diagnosis of MS– it’s disheartening because my “new normal” is always changing, but never quite for the better. And I live in my bed. It’s a life I think no one around me could understand– but there are others out there who do. If you need support, I’m here as well! We all need to stick together! ❤️

    Jess 💋

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  2. I. too, am chronically ill. I have fibromyalgia. My heart goes out to you as you bravely get up every morning and face a world than understands nothing about chronic pain. If one more person says to me,”I’d go nuts if I had to sit around or stay in bed.” It is then I realize I’ve been telling them and they still don’t understand.If you ever want to talk, I’m here.

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