Quick update!

This week I have had to have two appointments a day. After all the hard work we were finally able to get most of the toxins out of my body for now. I still have a lot of inflammation in my veins and arteries. Some of my worst symptoms right now is chronic inflammation, and the constant buildup of toxins. We don’t really have a lot of other treatments we can try right now, so im going to eat as healthy as I can, and take out gluten, dairy, and soy to clean up my body as much as I can. I have tried similar nutritional changes in the past and I hardly felt any change, so I’m hoping this will help me at least stay stable for a longer amount of time than I’m getting now. I was also able to learn more about my illness this week, and some of severe chemical imbalances I have in my metabolic pathways. I will explain more about all of this later, and I hope to continue to learn more about my illness.


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