The first three years I was sick no one had an answer to why my illness was getting worse. Most of the doctors I had seen didn’t believe I was that sick, and they thought that it would pass in a weeks, or months, and it never did. I was 16 when I met my functional medicine doctor (who still helps me today). I finally felt relieved when I found a doctor that seemed to understand how sick I was. At the time my fatigue and stomach problems were my most debilitating issues. I found out multiple bacteria parasites, severe leaky gut, which had destroyed the cell walls in my gut, and a lot of other problems. After I got a few test results back I was told that if we didn’t start to turn things soon that I would mostly likely get one disease right after another and I probably would only live approximately five or six more years.I figured if I put in the hard work and time into getting better that I could turn things and eventually feel better. I have always tried to find a way to have a better quality of life and I finally felt like I had a direction and plan. Even after these results I didn’t know how severe my metabolic pathway dysfunction was, and I am still learning more about it now.

As time went on my stomach was slowly feeling a little better, but my fatigue was becoming worse and a lot of new terrible symptoms started showing up. I was getting worse really fast and about a year and half later I was having terrible episodes right after another. I had chronic infections, bacteria, severe inflammation throughout my body, exhaustion, I was in pain all the time, just to name a few. I was having two treatments a day to stay aIive, but I got through it. I had no idea what to do next. I was desperate for relief from the pain. A few days after my 18th birthday I came across another doctor, who started treating me daily, my structure was horrible. I was constantly dealing with one problem after another, and I still am. I don’t know how to to help those problems get better. I hope we will be able to.

In a year and half I have taken over a hundrends different supplements. I detoxed my liver  for the second time, detoxed heavy metals, and parasites multiple times, had chronic infections. I have had a lot of severe toxic reactions throughout my whole body, constant soft tissue work, and a lot more.  I am constantly trying to treat my symptoms I can never get ahead of my illness. Every time I have a infection or bad episode I get worse. It has been so hard to try to say somewhat stable. The pace of my illness has been faster then we thought it would be.

About six months ago I woke up one morning and I had the worse toxic episode I have ever had. My body has been worse ever since, and it has continued to worsen. It has gone down hill even faster. We do know that the reason for these problems starts in my metabolic pathways, and Gentic defects with my DNA. I don’t have control of my illness most of the time, and that makes me nervous.

I am so thankful that my doctors are willing to help as much as they do because I don’t know what I would do without there help. He has been very honest with me and he doesn’t know how else to keep my body going or how to help me have a better quality of life. At this point have to go everyday to the doctor just to survive is so frustrating.  The reality of where I am physically is hard to deal with sometimes. My body is not stable. I am not where I thought I would be at this time. I am alive but I want to live. I want more than to survive. I am not giving up. I don’t want to give up.


4 thoughts on “Reality

  1. Anonymous says:

    Know that we are continually praying for you. We have peope at church that ask about you all the time. So sorry you are feeling so bad!! Love You, Leona

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