Small changes!


This past week I have been detoxing and try to get rid of more toxins and bacteria. I have toxins all over, but I have a lot of toxins in my brain, lungs, and legs. This always makes me feel sick and detoxing is never easy or fun, but I have been noticing small changes after my appointments.

With my illness it really hard to gain momentum. Every day I have to continue the hard the work. Even if I have a successful appointment one day when I wake up the next morning and I feel really sick and I have do everything all over again. Its hard to gain any ground when I’m dealing with one health problem after another.

I have been getting a little relief after my treatments sometimes for a few hours. It has been really nice to this little bit of change. I guess the change has to start somewhere. I hope that I can continue to see changes for the better big or small!





5 thoughts on “Small changes!

  1. Leona says:

    Glad to hear a little bit of relief, but want to hear that you have a wonderful day, week, month, then years. Love Ya & we (and our church) are still praying. Every Sunday we have some ask about you. You are important to us.

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