Metabolic pathways – diagnosis?

In biochemistry, a metabolic pathway is a series of chemical reactions occurring within a cell. In a pathway, the initial chemical (metabolite) is modified by a sequence of chemical reactions. These reactions are catalyzed by enzymes, where the product of one enzyme acts as the substrate for the next.

Even though I don’t have a official diagnosis I do know that the severe metabolic pathway dysfunction in my body is the main reason why I am chronically ill. Looking back now and how I didn’t really know anything for a few years isn’t as surprising because most MDs do not talk about the pathways and those problems did not show up on normal tests.

We have a few theories on what could have set these problems into motion. When I was a baby I had the chicken pox, and they became infected so I had to take an antibiotic to get rid of them. The virus most likely when dormant till I had mono when I was twelve. I don’t know if this started my illness, but it does make sense.

As we learn more about my illness, slowly some of the pieces are starting to fit together. Things are starting to make some more sense. Most of my symptoms are reacting to the dysfunctions. Most likely the instability of my musculoskeletal system, chronic inflammation, heavy metal toxicity, toxins, bacteria, inability to detox well, and many other symptoms.

In order to attempt to turn things around, and be able to function better we need to be able the repair my DNA with certain nutrition. The problem is trying to find a way to get the DNA, RNA building blocks. First, we have to through other pathways. The problem with that is that I have problems in almost every pathway. We have to go one step at a time, when we try to much at it usually creates more problems and sets us back a few steps. I have been trying a different treatment lately called the assert protocol in hopes to possibly open up some pathways.

This is only a brief explanation of my very complicated illness. I hope this information makes sense all of it may not be 100 percent accurate. I try to understand the information that my doctors explain to me, and the research that I do on my own the best that I can. This could be the closest thing to a official diagnosis I may ever get, and I think I am ok with that.




12 thoughts on “Metabolic pathways – diagnosis?

  1. These diagrams would make really cool tattoos. HA

    I too got the 23andme – my naturopath wanted to see it, and we’re trying some things based on that. Mono is the bad boyfriend stalker ex that just will not go away….


  2. The Epstein Barr virus, the one that causes mono, is thought to be implicated in several illnesses. I caught it when I was 18 and still today, 14 years later, my antibody count remains over the top. That’s one of the things that’s been causing me debilitating fatigue. Good luck in putting together the pieces of your puzzle. I hope you keep on finding answers.

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  3. This sounds oddly familiar to my story. I would love to chat with you more someone about your experiences with metabolic pathways and what you have found. Hoping they can find some answers to get you to feeling better!


    • Sure I would be happy to explain or answer Any questions. I actually found a lot this information with a test I ordered online from it’s DNA test and my functional medicine doctor explained the results to me but I they gave me the result through my email!
      Thanks I hope you start feeling better!😊

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    • That’s actually the one of same genetic test I had done too! Have you been able to find any doctors knowledgeable enough to start helping you give them some nutritional support?

      I would caution you to make sure they are very knowledgeable. I had one doctor try and “learn” enough to help me, but that didn’t go so well. We are trying to find a doctor in the US who is well informed about these kinds of problems.


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