The creative Blogger award

creativebloggerawardI have been nominated for the creative Blogger award. Thank you for your nomination. Be sure to visit her awesome blog. : )

5 Facts about me:

  1. I love zentangle art. image
  2. I love neon colors.
  3. I have been out of the US once, to Cancun, Mexico.
  4. I have been to Honolulu, Hawaii.
  5. My current favorite tv comedy is The Mindy Project.

I nominate:


Thanks for reading! : )


One thought on “The creative Blogger award

  1. Thank you for nominating me I feel honored 🙂

    Now to answer 5 Facts about me :
    1. I am a very stubborn person
    2. I love to travel
    3. Positive thinker
    4. Tech geeks
    5. Loves photography

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