Chronic Illness Things

Being chronically sick is incredibly hard, nothing about it is easy. Here some more things Chronic illness suffers can relate too.

When you don’t have a plan:


Trying to find a doctor to understand:


when cant find information about a doctor:


Being exhausted is like:


and this..


Getting new tests results feels kind of like this:


Thinking about the future kind of feels like this:


When you are waiting for answers, appointments and for everything.

Waiting for better days.


How you keep going:


When you know you will find a way to through this: tumblr_mf2czq1ZFn1rztwelo1_500image


Having a Chronic illness

Here are a few things people with a chronic illness go through.

Being chronically sick can be hard for some of the people around us to understand what it feels like, and what we go through on daily basis. anigif_enhanced-buzz-25371-1411678360-13It can also be hard to explain to others when we are still continuing to try to figure everything out. Sometimes I am not quite sure what to say.


We try to deal with things the best we can, but it is never easy.



Sometimes its easier to pretend were ok, but it can be emotionally draining.


greys2Sometimes I just feel like I need to let every emotion pour out of me, and I cant hold it in any longer.



I guess I am still working on figuring everything out.


A step in the right direction!

This past week I have been doing treatments with my new doctor, and I am happy to say that I am making some progress! I am starting to slowly move in the right direction. I am able to sit up for longer periods of time. My brain isn’t quite as heavy at times, and I don’t need adjustments quite as much. brainIn the all the years I have been sick this is probably the first time I have seen a treatment where I actually feel a little better when I walk out the office. Most of my symptoms are still really debilitating, and there are still a lot of problems and symptoms to address. I still have a long way to go, and I don’t know what is ahead of me yet, but seeing these results is good step in the right direction.