Having a Chronic illness

Here are a few things people with a chronic illness go through.

Being chronically sick can be hard for some of the people around us to understand what it feels like, and what we go through on daily basis. anigif_enhanced-buzz-25371-1411678360-13It can also be hard to explain to others when we are still continuing to try to figure everything out. Sometimes I am not quite sure what to say.


We try to deal with things the best we can, but it is never easy.



Sometimes its easier to pretend were ok, but it can be emotionally draining.


greys2Sometimes I just feel like I need to let every emotion pour out of me, and I cant hold it in any longer.



I guess I am still working on figuring everything out.



4 thoughts on “Having a Chronic illness

  1. I try to imagine to sympathize with those of you who suffer from chronic illness. I feel not enough people do and neither do their doctors. Human suffering is a horrible thing. Than you for taking the time to write your feelings.

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