Being Chronically ill

One of the most frustrating part of being chronically sick is finding the right doctors who are willing to help. It has taken me years to find doctors who truly tried hard to help me. To find doctors to really listen and try to understand, and people to actually help me. Even though I found a few things to treat some of my illness, I am still sick. There is still a lot of problems to figure out and treat. My illness is still debilitating. l still have to find other doctors to help me.

Going  to new doctor is always hard because you never know how it will go. Why is so hard to find someone to really hear what you are saying? To really understand your illness and believe you? To talk to you, and not down to you.

Here are some frustrating things that happen when seeing a new doctor:

When you have to tell your illness history again…


When they suggest something that you have already tried and it didn’t work:



 When doctors have a terrible bedside manner:


When they act like your symptoms aren’t that bad:


when they try to twist your words around:


when you know your never going to go back:


When they say they don’t know what to do for you:


when they have terrible suggestions:


When nothing good comes out of an appointment:


 Why is it so hard to find some understanding?


Thanks for reading!



7 thoughts on “Being Chronically ill

  1. compoundnerd says:

    PREACH!! Going to a new doctor is so frustrating and even scary for me. However, finding that one right doctor makes all the pain and stress of going to bad ones worth it.

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