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Written in 2014

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My name is Heidi and I am 20 years old. Growing up I was always active and I was fairly healthy until I felt ill when I was 12 years old. I have been chronically sick for seven years. In 2008 I tested positive for mono/epstein bar virus, and Β my symptoms only got worse over time. In 2009 I was diagnosed with RND(reflux neuro vascular dystrophy) I treated my symptoms at home. For almost five years we have been treating my illness naturally starting with supplements and natural remedies. I continued to try to go to school and continue playing soccer until In 2012 my overall health was very poor. It became harder to live an everyday normal life. I had bacterial parasites and was diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome, and I treating my chronic muscle pain/tightness with multiple adjustments a week. I live with chronic neck, back pain,stomach pain, and chronic inflammation also. At the beginning of 2013 I was really sick. I had hpylori infection and severe inflamation throughout my entire body. I started juicing multiple times a day and in a few weeks my body became a little more stable, but soon after I had brain inflammation and I had to have multiple cranial adjustments a day to treat it. A couple months later I started detoxing my body of heavy metals, and began working out the fascia and scar tissue throughout my body. In 2014 the tissue and ligaments in my jaw were severly destroyed. Over the years my symptoms have gotten worse and illness become more and more debilitating. My treatments/adjustments have become more frequent and illness has become harder to treat. I have tried hundreds of different supplements, and I have had hundreds of adjustments/treatments. I always like researching and find different ways to help me treat my illness and pain at home. My Illness has become so severe that normal, everyday routines have become exhausting and painful. This is only a brief history of my long journey. It has become an every day battle that I face and my goal is to have find to a way to have a better quality of life. I have been fortunate to have intelligent and caring doctors to help me along the way. We have recently started a new treatment plan that will hopefully help me feel better, and become healthier. So far nothing about this journey has been easy, but my faith and determination have grown stronger. I know it won’t be easy, but I am ready to fight.

In June 2015 I started a new treatment with a different Doctor and I have started to see good results for the first time. Meeting my chiropractic neurologist changed my life completely. Since I have been in recovery so much in my life has changed. So many of my symptoms have gone away, or have decreased. I am now on a journey in recovery.Β Over the last few months I have been walking more, and more. I am making progress that I never knew I could. This is my fresh start.

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December 21 2015


February 6th 2016


March 2016


19 thoughts on “About me

    • Aww thank you! Your so kind! πŸ™‚ comments like this inspire me! nothing about this unpredictable, crazy, chronic life is easy, but somehow I found putting one foot in front of the other somehow I can make it through each challenge.

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  1. Glenda Lorenz Gorszczyk says:

    Heidi, I remember how competitive and awesomely good you were in sports; I was so amazed of the sports talent God entrusted in you during that season of your life. While many of us have watched you through your diagnosis, and now following your blog; we know that the same determination you showed in sports will be the same for every day you endure. You will always be a winner! I did not know until I stumbled onto your blog today that a better treatment or resolution had not been found yet. I am bumping you up on my prayer list! xo

    I see you as a very inspirational lady, a lot of talent, much to give, and much comparative to the famous Joni. There will be nothing stop you! God will be proven as faithful through you! God often selects candidates to accomplish His Story, ones that seem unlikely to handle the assignment; however, this is so when it is accomplished everyone will know all things done, was through God. {YHWH – I AM, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel.] Then people will see the mighty works of God and turn to Him.

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy YOUR day! You are my Hero, lil one! xo ❀

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    • Thank you! 😊 it’s been really hard these last few years. I only recently found a treatment we have been using these past three months and I been finally seeing some progress.


  2. DailyJesusCallingDevotional says:

    I Heidi. I really admire your courage to fight through this, and glad to know that you have chosen to allow Gid guide you through this hectic journey. I sincerely pray that you will find peace in the midst of all these trials. Also, that the Lord will see you through and restore perfect health to you. Consider the story of Job, try to read the whole chapter if you haven’t. The good thing is that inspire of all his troubles, he held on to God, knowing He is all-knowing, all-powerful, merciful and gracious. Then, his end was glorious. All things work together for good, trust God and it is well with you sister.

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  3. Kayla Hickman says:

    Chronic illness is so difficult, especially at a young age. My daughter has suffered with chronic illness since her teen years as well. I admire your efforts to find wellness in whatever capacity you can. My husband also has a chronic autoimmune disease and neurological difficulties, and I am recovering, always recovering from a brain injury, which has come with its own set of challenges. Thank you for your like and follow to my blog. Looks like we are both blogging newbies. Here is to the best possible 2015 for the both of us.

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