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creativebloggerawardI have been nominated for the creative Blogger award. Thank you for your nomination. Be sure to visit her awesome blog. : )

5 Facts about me:

  1. I love zentangle art. image
  2. I love neon colors.
  3. I have been out of the US once, to Cancun, Mexico.
  4. I have been to Honolulu, Hawaii.
  5. My current favorite tv comedy is The Mindy Project.

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Hello! This week I have been nominated for the Versatile blog award for the second and third time. Thank you to Rebekah at and Sarah at!

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Seven Facts –

  1. Soccer is my favorite sport. I played for almost 11 years.
  2. I live with my parents, and I have two older sisters and a niece.
  3. I would love to live by the beach someday.
  4. I have seen every episode of Friends, and The Big Bang Theory more than once…
  5. I like to draw, crochet, and work on different types of crafts.
  6. I graduated high school online.
  7. I could listen to music non stop and never get tired of it.

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The first three years I was sick no one had an answer to why my illness was getting worse. Most of the doctors I had seen didn’t believe I was that sick, and they thought that it would pass in a weeks, or months, and it never did. I was 16 when I met my functional medicine doctor (who still helps me today). I finally felt relieved when I found a doctor that seemed to understand how sick I was. At the time my fatigue and stomach problems were my most debilitating issues. I found out multiple bacteria parasites, severe leaky gut, which had destroyed the cell walls in my gut, and a lot of other problems. After I got a few test results back I was told that if we didn’t start to turn things soon that I would mostly likely get one disease right after another and I probably would only live approximately five or six more years.I figured if I put in the hard work and time into getting better that I could turn things and eventually feel better. I have always tried to find a way to have a better quality of life and I finally felt like I had a direction and plan. Even after these results I didn’t know how severe my metabolic pathway dysfunction was, and I am still learning more about it now.

As time went on my stomach was slowly feeling a little better, but my fatigue was becoming worse and a lot of new terrible symptoms started showing up. I was getting worse really fast and about a year and half later I was having terrible episodes right after another. I had chronic infections, bacteria, severe inflammation throughout my body, exhaustion, I was in pain all the time, just to name a few. I was having two treatments a day to stay aIive, but I got through it. I had no idea what to do next. I was desperate for relief from the pain. A few days after my 18th birthday I came across another doctor, who started treating me daily, my structure was horrible. I was constantly dealing with one problem after another, and I still am. I don’t know how to to help those problems get better. I hope we will be able to.

In a year and half I have taken over a hundrends different supplements. I detoxed my liver  for the second time, detoxed heavy metals, and parasites multiple times, had chronic infections. I have had a lot of severe toxic reactions throughout my whole body, constant soft tissue work, and a lot more.  I am constantly trying to treat my symptoms I can never get ahead of my illness. Every time I have a infection or bad episode I get worse. It has been so hard to try to say somewhat stable. The pace of my illness has been faster then we thought it would be.

About six months ago I woke up one morning and I had the worse toxic episode I have ever had. My body has been worse ever since, and it has continued to worsen. It has gone down hill even faster. We do know that the reason for these problems starts in my metabolic pathways, and Gentic defects with my DNA. I don’t have control of my illness most of the time, and that makes me nervous.

I am so thankful that my doctors are willing to help as much as they do because I don’t know what I would do without there help. He has been very honest with me and he doesn’t know how else to keep my body going or how to help me have a better quality of life. At this point have to go everyday to the doctor just to survive is so frustrating.  The reality of where I am physically is hard to deal with sometimes. My body is not stable. I am not where I thought I would be at this time. I am alive but I want to live. I want more than to survive. I am not giving up. I don’t want to give up.

Uplifting spirit

Thanks again for your kind words!😊 Thank you for reading my blog!
Hope everyone is having a good day!❤️💜💚

Kirstie Sivapalan

Today I am feeling incredibly low and it’s as if I’m sitting in a dark, deep hole wondering how I got there.

I see that transit Chiron sitting on my Sun and opposing my Moon might be the sign-post with big red flashing lights that this was going to be a week of exposed wounds and physical health issues and the crystal healing of the weekend was direct preparation for this…smokey quartz, tourmaline, yep the signs were there.

So today I am going to share something that gives me hope, touches me at my core and inspires my own blog. A blog by a young Christian girl called Heidi.

Heidi has a devastating chronic illness where her life is pain and tiredness and endless tests.  Yet every post she makes she shares her hope.  EVERY time, no matter how hard her day has been, no matter how difficult the…

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This past week the pain and fatigue have been horrible. We have been treating, and waiting for the infection to leave. We have also been trying to get rid of all of the inflammation in my brain, and my body. I had problems with Cebral spinal fluid(CSF) which then causes my oxygen levels to drop, and intense brain fog.


Fortunately, today we were able to get some of the problems to subside a little bit. Most of the inflammation in my brain has gone down, and my CSF is running better. Being chronically sick, I have learned I have to be patient. Sometimes that can extremely difficult. When your tired and in pain you want to better now, not later. You want answers. You have to wait. Most of these things are out of my control. I have to rely on God.



Everyday battles!

imageI have been feeling horrible lately. My pain, weakness, and exhaustion have been extremely overwhelming. I have been having a lot of pain in my shoulders, cervical spine, and head. I have to have daily structural and soft tissue work done. My muscles have been extremely tight, and we have been having a hard time getting any kind of relief. My body also goes out of alignment consistently, it is severely painful to even wait twenty four hours for my next appointment. We have also been work on breaking up more scar tissue in my arms, back, shoulders, neck, spine, and the back of my head.

My treatments are only temporary relief, at the most I might get two or three hours of a little relief from some of the pain, sometimes I might only get a few minutes. The treatments have also become extremely exhausting, but for now its the only way I can think of to keep my body from becoming even worse. I have been dealing with these problems for a long time, but my exhaustion has been getting worse over the last few months.bbt4

For bout a year we have done a lot of work to try and help my body. I started with getting rid of bacteria, and inflammation throughout my whole body. Then I started detoxing heavy metals, and parasites. I had more soft tissue work done to help work out fascia throughout my whole body. I also had adhesions in my arms, legs, and stomach.

There is still more work that needs to done.This feels like a never ending process. It has a been rollercoaster ride of highs and lows, and I am determined to be become stronger through all of this!



A rough week!

imageThis my past week has been pretty awful. My headaches and neck pain have been severe, and everything is painful and exhausting. We having a hard time finding any kind of relief even with treatments. Even sitting up and trying to walk a really short distance is hard. My fatigue is not only physically exhausting, but mentally exhausting as well. On January 6th, we added a new supplement to my long term plan, but I hope to be able to find more answers for my everyday symptoms! image

My fatigue has always been my worst symptom, and it has continued to get worse over the years. What started out as fatigue, turned into extreme fatigue, and for the past three years it has been extreme exhaustion.


Just another obstacle!

I am going to start with some good news! This past week my some of my muscle pain has been a little better. It hasn’t been quite as intense and I only had three treatments last week!

I have been dealing with trying to get rid of more toxins, inflammation, and scar tissue. My exhaustion has been worse. My legs have been feeling extremely heavy lately, and it exhausting even walking from room to room around the house.

This journey has been learning an experience. About a year and half ago I had severe brain swelling, and It was the most sick I have ever been. It was extremely painful, and it took me a really long time recover for the most part, but I also know it could have been a lot worse. That experience changed me and my life forever. It taught me so much, about myself, about life, and it brought me closer to God. I am thankful I had caring doctors to help me get through it. I am also thankful that the worst case scenario didn’t happen, and I didn’t have to go to the hospital. I try not to focus on things I can’t control, and focus more on the things I can control. I want to continue to learn, grow and continue to change for the better, and I want to make this a positive experience. I don’t want to spend my time feeling sorry for myself no matter how hard it is. I want to try to find the positive in this, and continue to learn, grow, and feel better!