My Illness and Treatment

I have written about being in recovery, but I have never gone into much detail about what I found out, and what I have done to treat my illness.

Going to a chiropractic neurologist changed my life completely. Before I met him my illness was a extremely debilitating, the pain, and exhaustion were extreme. There was no escape from my illness. I could hardly sit up, my muscles hurt all the time. The pain was always there. My brain felt horrible, it was so heavy it felt liked a bowling bowl, every step I took felt awful. The list of symptoms I had seemed endless. I have been sick for seven years, but those symptoms had been that extreme for over two and half years. I was desperate for some relief.

They symptoms I needed help with the most were undiagnosed. I have had always had a hard time explaining the way my brain felt, other than it feeling heavy, foggy, and horrible. At first appointment with a balance test, and a gaze assessment we were able to find out so much about what was going on.

I will try to explain this the best I can. Here it goes…

The Vestibular System – The vestibular system includes the parts of the inner ear and brain that help control balance and eye movements. If the system is damaged by disease, aging, or injury, vestibular disorders can result.

Your brain is supposed to know where you are in space, and to keep you upright. It is supposed to automatic that your brain is aware of your surroundings.  When things go wrong with your vestibular system it create so many problems.

The vestibular system detects motion of the head in space and in turn generates reflexes that are crucial for our daily activities, such as stabilizing the visual axis (gaze) and maintaining head and body posture.

My vestibular system was broken. Every time I turned my head my brain was receiving the wrong messages. My brain didn’t know where I was in space. My brain would think that I was falling forward, and to stop me from falling my muscles would tense up really bad. My muscles were even tense when I was laying down. This also caused most of my other symptoms I was having. It was the reason for so much of my chronic pain.

Click here for more information about the human balance system, and here for more information about the symptoms of a vestibular disorder.

I also found out that I had Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (or BPPV).  My brain was dealing with vertigo 24/7. Even if I didn’t feel dizzy at times it was always there. I would get exhausted really quickly, and I have to to lay down. My brain adapted to the situation the best that it could. My brain felt the safest laying down, so it didn’t want me to get up and do much, or even sit up.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (or BPPV) is the most common cause of vertigo, a false sensation of spinning.

Click here for more information about BPPV.

My ability to hold my gaze was also broken. My eyes couldn’t even hold on a non moving target. This is where so much of my energy was being used.

When he told me what was going it started to make sense of how I was feeling. I could never describe what I feeling, and I never knew what going on with it. It was a good feeling to have someone explain to me what was going on, even without me providing a clear description of what was happening. Not having a diagnosis I always wondered

These doctors and their treatments need to be talked about more. Their treatments are amazing, and they can help so many people. I think what amazed me the most about their treatments is how pain less they are, and how little movement really needed to be done for me to feel better.

 Click here for information on Chiropractic Neurologists.

One of the first treatments started out with simple movements of my arms, and legs. I also did a lot of exercises to help BPPV (similar to the one below on the right). Over the next few weeks of this I could tell a big difference, standing, and walking were already becoming easier. My brain was getting better little by little. I also did a lot of eye exercises to help my gaze, and over time also helped me have more energy. I think what amazed me the most about their treatments is how pain less they are, and how little movement really needed to be done to help me to feel better.

I actually saw real progress.

BPPV Figure 2a.


Here is a little bit about what Chiropractic neurologists do:

These doctors and their treatments need to be talked about more. Their treatments are amazing, and they can help so many people.

Everything about my experiences with my doctor and treatment is different from anything treatment I have tried before. I actually see real progress, and improvement.

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You can Contact me at or leave a comment here. If you think this could help you or someone you know in any way please, feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

In all the years I have been sick I am now on path I have never been on before. I am on a path of healing and recovery. Before I went to a chiropractic neurologist I was only surviving, now I am beginning to live.


Finally Finished!

I am officially done with my all of my high school credits! I am also excited because now I able to start planning a vacation to help celebrate getting my diploma, and most of all getting better! I haven’t been on a vacation in five years because of my illness. It feels good to finally be done with chapter in my life and now I can continue to move forward.

yay (1)

Moving Forward

I know I haven’t been on here much lately. I have been working really hard the past few months to finish up all my high school credits. I am hoping I can get everything finished up by next week. I am ready to move on past this. This happened to be another thing in my life that my illness has gotten in the way of for so long. Now I am ready to move forward, and continue with my recovery.






Recovery So Far

Over the past six months Recovery has not easy, but it has been worth it.


Since I have been sick I had never been in the recovery stage before. My illness had continued to get worse for years. When I got sick my life gradually changed as I got worse, and I am now slowly starting to build my life back up one step at a time. This is new process for me, I am learning as I continue to go down this road.

Being in recovery has been a huge blessing, but getting well is not easy.

My recovery process so far..

June 2015:

I met my Chiropractor Neurologist in the end of June and started my treatment.


I was having three to five appointments a week. I had all my treatments done laying down. Treatments made me feel exhausted, but I started to see some good results from them. About two weeks into treatment I my brain began feeling less heavy, some pain started getting better, I didn’t have to think about every step. I didn’t feel like my body was in survival mode anymore.  I was able to walk around the house a little more by the end of the month.


I was still having three to four appointments a week. My exhaustion became really intense, but some of my other symptoms were starting to get a little better. The inflammation I had in face was going away. I no longer felt like I needed adjustments everyday. My pain was continuing to get better. I no longer had pain 24/7. By the end of August as my brain continued to get better, the fog started clearing and it almost felt as if I could see world more clearly for the first time in years.


I was having about three appointments a week. My exhaustion started getting a little better, my stomach was also starting to get a little better. The suffocating feeling that my brain used to feel all the time is no longer there. My muscles became quite sore because it was not used to do much other than laying down. My muscle felt fatigued quickly. I was starting to feel more stable. I started to sit up a little more, and I was able to do some of my treatments sitting up in a chair. I was able to gain all the weight back that I had I lost at the beginning of the year. I began to get out of the house a little more at a time. My brain fog I use to have all time was improving a lot. I had a hard figuring out how much I was able to do before it was too much on my body. Since I started feeling better than I used to it was easy for me think I was healthier than I actually was.




I was still having about three appointments a week. I started sitting up more, and my hips, neck, back, legs, and shoulder muscles were really sore and painful. I was noticing that the inflammation I had in my stomach, and joints was getting so much better. I was able to start working on homework, even though it was pretty exhausted at to work on it. I had caught a cold that had caused quite a bit more pain and fatigue, but it did not set the progress that I had already made back. When I had my cold I took a week off treatments and I didn’t feel like I was going backwards for the first time. When my cold was gone I was able to pick back up right where we left off in my treatments.


I started the month having three appointments a week, but the progress felt like it was moving a lot slower than before, so I had treatments more often. On some days homework has been a little easier to work on. I started feeling some of the same symptoms I had before recovery,  but it wasn’t quite as intense. We were able to work through it though, and I haven’t had them since.


I am able sit up quite a bit more during most days. So many symptoms that were explained have disappeared. My appointments are starting to lessen. The days have been up and down and there my body was fighting off a virus. My neck has been hurting a lot, but my back and hips are feeling so much better. I able to starting walking more, and I able to do a little more of my treatments at home. I walked a half mile for the first time in years, and even though it is tiring I am able to recover after I rest! Each time I go for a walk it gets easier.

Recovery has not been perfect, not every day is good. Some days are bad, and some days are really bad, but taking things one step at time has made things a little easier to handle and is not so overwhelming that way. I have goals I set for myself that I am to work towards achieve in 2016.

       December 21st



“Do not confuse my bad days as a sign of weakness. Those are actually the days I’m fighting my hardest.” – Unknown

 Isaiah 41:10’Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Isaiah 40:31 Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.


Spoon theory

Life with a chronic illness

The spoon theory is an analogy used by some people with a disability and people with chronic illness to describe their everyday living experience when their disability or illness presents in a reduced amount of energy available for productive tasks.

Running out of spoons so quickly:



Needing more spoons:




Overwhelming fatigue


The overwhelming fatigue

Having Chronic Fatigue is more than being tired. The exhaustion can be unbearable. It is overwhelming to feel like this on a regular basis.

when the fatigue is overwhelming:


when the fatigue stops you:


When someone asks me what my plans are when my fatigue is really extreme:


:When I am too tired to get out of the house:


Having bad days:


Having good days: