Sick and Tired


Everyday I struggle with daily tasks. My body is internally weak and structurally unstable. Having to have daily treatments has become exhausting and frustrating. I am tired of having to go to the doctor all the time. I am tired of being sick. Most of my symptoms are very debilitating and hard to manage.

Every time I eat my brain feels extremely heavy, chemically unbalanced, and exhausted. This makes it extremely difficult to sit up, walk around, and sometimes its even hard to have a conversation. I have to lie down immediately after eating. When I get this feeling as soon as I eat breakfast and I usually have this feeling throughout the day, which makes it really difficult to function. We haven’t figured out why my body has been doing this. The only thing that doesn’t effect my brain negatively is water.

I have a lot of chemical imbalances within my body. I have chronically low levels of blood sugar, oxygen, minerals, and a few neurotransmitters. I also have quite a few issues with my liver. I have a hard time processing lipids, proteins, and fats. These are only a few issues that I deal with everyday. These problems are hard enough to deal with on there own, and with my structure being extremely unstable it has become very hard to manage my illness. It is even hard for to go 24 hours without an adjustment/treatment.

Trying to control all my symptoms is very overwhelming. I don’t know how to figure out a solution. I just have to take it day by day for now, and I hope we will find a better way to take care of my illness soon.


Determination : the act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling a purpose.

imageThe simple things in my life are hard. Getting up and around is hard everyday. On most days walking, sitting, standing is painful and exhausting. Simple things that I used to take for granted now take a lot of hard work. Trying to get better takes determination and I work hard at it every day. It is not easy, but I have to try.