How To Use Essential Oils Safely

Using essential oils

Oils for Health and Healing

You’ve decided to take the plunge.  You’ve ordered your starter kit and now you have a box of 10 everyday oils, a bottle of citrus fresh, a diffuser, some packets of Ninxgia Red and some samples and information pages.

I want to outline some safety guidelines and hints and tips that will make beginning your oil journey a little easier.

How to Use Essential Oils


  • Apply the oils directly to the desired area using 1-3 drops of oil (remember that these oils are very concentrated), following the directions on the bottle of oil.
  • Suggested areas: Feet (having the largest pores on the body), behind ears, wrists, on front of the neck, and the base of the skull.  These are all points were it is easier for the oils to get into the blood stream.
  • Use Vita Flex Therapy as a simple method of applying oils to…

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