New Week!

This last has been really rough. I’m glad it’s over!

I spent most of the week detoxing toxins, heavy metals, yeast, and fungus. I should be pro by now!

Dealing with all of these leaves me feeling weak and exhausted. My brain chemistry feels more unbalanced than usual. My brain fog is worse than usual. My speech comes out sluggish and slurred sometimes, and I have been paler than usual and my eyes are sunken in more. I have really hard time concentrating, processing and remembering information,  and even having a normal conversation. Thankfully by the end the week my mind became a little more clear, and most of those symptoms have subsided some.

I also had inflammation in my brain and spine. This causes a lot of problems with my cebral spinal fluid which is very painful, and creates even more debiltaing symptoms.

By using a combination of different treatments, such as Laser therapy, adjustments, micro current, footbaths, and nutrition, I was able to get the some of the pain under control. I am a little more stable now and hope that treatments continue to help.