1st post :)

Hi! I decided to start this blog about the ups and downs on this journey living chronically ill. On december 2nd we started on a new supplement treatment plan that will hopefully help my metabolic pathways and methlation cycle. My everyday symptoms have become so severe and complex that my dotoctor has never seen any like me before and he has never done a plan like this before! I still need my everyday adjustments and treatments, but they have become so physically exhausting it has been difficult to find ways to treat my symptoms. This journey has been hard, confusing, and painful, but I keep going. I learned not to take my health for granted, and some days small things such as sitting up or standing are considered a small victory. I don’t stop trying to find more answers, and I will keep working hard everyday to gt better and to feel better. I have faith that we will find the answers we have been looking for.